Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthday Presents...BIG Thank you!

I know it's been a few days since my birthday, but saying thank you never has a time limit in my book. I just had to share some of the extremely cool things that I received for my birthday and what I have done with them...

Jo & Wayne gave me this cool digital photo album keychain. I am such a photo nerd this is so perfect for me!

John, Jamiee, Abbi & Jenna gave me this seal a meal, which I just have to say is great, now I won't have to borrow Mom & Dad's anymore. I have a funny post about what I did with it that will follow.

The DeMone's gave my camera a new case and it is in Heaven! I have literally carried it all over the place with me since I got it. It was perfect for my hike to Sope Creek, I just slung it around me and off we went!

One of my BFF's Heather sent me this oh so fabulous cake server disguised as a shoe! Isn't that great?!? I told her, we needed that a few wedding showers ago for all our friends. And the even funner (is that a word?) thing is that the heel comes off, so if you don't want it to look like a shoe, it doesn't have to!

Mom & Dad knew how desperately I needed a new desk. Mine was/is beautiful, it's an old antique desk I bought from another BFF Jennifer, but it is just too small for all the school & church work I have to do. Dad suggested the best idea to use a door - just a simple unfinished door like you get from Home Depot/Lowes. Mom & I went and picked it out the Saturday before my birthday and she helped me set it up with these filing cabinets I got off freecycle.org. If you can believe it (and I am sure you can) I needed to organize this mess badly and now it looks so much worse. I really need to get it together before fall semester starts...yikes!

Not pictured is my favorite make me smell good bath gel and lotion set from Susan and a beautiful dozen roses from Jamie. Wow, am I blessed!

I am trying to spread my birthday out as long as possible and my family and friends are helping me too. Anne sent my present all the way from Japan...OK, not really, but she ordered it from there and had it shipped to Mom & Dad's house...she got me a wheat grinder! Hello...a wheat grinder! How cool is that? Anyone want to make flour!?!

Another BFF April vacationed in Coast Rica for my birthday she just forgot to take me along! She did however promise me a fabulous birthday present which is on it's way to me via UPS...I am so excited, I can hardly wait!

I really hate the summer because it's so hot outside, especially here in Georgia! And I'm not a big fan of getting older, but I'm totally OK with everyone giving me presents!

Thanks everyone...love LOVE love you all very VERY very much!

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Alison said...

Sounds like you have lots of good friends giving you good presents! I love the door idea! Happy Belated Birthday!