Friday, August 1, 2008


I went to Borders (yes, I chose them over B&N) and stood in line with 200 other anxious readers and I got my copy of Breaking Dawn. I am reading it exciting!


jenja said...

I am so dying to start those books! I need to get Twilight. I know- I am behind the times!

Jamiee said...

Thank you so much for picking up the book for me! :) I have had so much going on this past week I had no time to stop and get it Saturday... PS I am on page 500 right now I think I may finish by tomorrow, lol!!

Christiansen Clan said...

So...have you finished it? I decided to just neglect my house, kids and husband for 2 days rather than dragging it out! We were joking about how many women were fantasizing about a fictional vampire that weekend. :-)