Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I don't like to shop...really!

I am really not a huge fan of shopping. Seriously. But there is just something about going into a familiar store (say, Ross for instance) and walking out with a bag of goodies for the same amount of money I would spend in a normal department store (say, Dillard's for instance) for just one item.

Well, yesterday I went to Ross to exchange a few tops that I had purchased in the wrong size. Well, I was able to exchange two of them, but I couldn't find the correct size in the other, so I found a few other items. I am most excited about these:

Beautiful Black Shoes!
I know what you are thinking "Don't you have enough black shoes?" and the answer is no. Really, I don't. One of my pair of black heels is sort of broken. Not quite, but too close to call for me to wear out, because I know it will break the next time I do wear them. The other pair are not like this pair...they are different!

Darling black bag...darling!

Just look at that bow...darling!

No, I do not have a black bag like this one!

And no, you are not my husband, so I do not have to justify my purchases...now that's an upside I hadn't thought about!

Besides, they are from ROSS, not like they broke the bank or even came close. I mean, the bag was $14. Yes, 14 Bucks! Can't do much better than that!

Don't be a hater...you can borrow it anytime you want!

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Adam & Kristen Birkmeyer said...

Cute!! Ah...I do miss the days of frivoulous (sp?) shopping for myself. What would I do for a nice pair of new heels and a fun black bag!!! These days it's Pampers and formula. And in my opinion, a girl can never have too many shoes and NEVER too many bags!