Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2008 Fall Semester

It's been a few days since I posted anything and figured the first week of classes for the 2008 fall semester was reason enough.

My main focus this semester will be encouraging my professors to get their hair cut. I know, you think I'm just being funny...I'm not!

One prof weighs in at about 80 pounds soaking wet! I would also be surprised if he was a day over 21...although he said he got his Masters in Europe and has been teaching for something like 7 years. His hair looks like he dumped a bucket of water on his head and let it dry that way. Or maybe like he got a bowl cut...4 years ago. So strange. He's really artsy fartsy and also teaches photography and other classes of the sort. Which I suppose makes sense given his look. He's nice, so I can say he has that much going for him.

Another prof has hair past his shoulders - longer than my own - and it has this kinky curly way about it. You know that woman on Three Men & A Little Lady...the movie? The one that is in love with Tom Sellick and keeps sticking her hand down her shirt? Well this guy does that sort of thing but instead grabs the back of his neck at the base of his hair line and just sort of pulls at his hair with his arm bent and his elbow way up in the air. No joke, this guy asked a question and the prof answered it...all while playing with his hair just like that. I could not get the 3M&LL woman out of my head after that point.

I found his photo (right). It has to be a few years ago because his hair is easily 8 inches longer. But it's easy to see how he could be related to the 3M&LL woman...!!!

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