Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A new blog to follow...

...because I am just sure I have more free time in my schedule than I think I do.
Have you ever gone to your dashboard, the one right here on blogger? If you do you, and you scroll down and gaze over on the right, Blogger has provided some "Blogs of Note" that THEY think are interesting. It's all relative, of course, because you may not like them at all. But today I was bored (at work...go figure) and found myself checking out their choices. Well go figure, I found one I liked!
She is hilarious! And I knew we were kindred spirits when in the first line of today's post she says "For my day job (at night I fight crime!)" For the love! Who would say that except me?!?! I would totally say that...I HAVE said that. N E way...I kept reading and really enjoyed it.
As with other amazing blogs, this one will be added to my side bar to obsessively stalk and enjoy!

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Cyd said...

Ooh, can't wait to go browse... I just spent much of the afternoon re-setting-up my Favorites list on my new computer - I got caught up in the process, and this blog found it's way to my link list too!