Thursday, July 3, 2008

Food Storage

One of the most irritating things for me, as an apartment dweller, is the lack of storage space. It is as if the building inspectors says "Large bedroom, spacious kitchen with counter space or storage...pick just one."

But for obedient Mormons who might not be able to make it to the Parental Unit the day the grocery stores run out of food, we have to work around it. My front closet is FULL of #10 cans of food, but I can't exactly open one of those without inviting the entire complex over for rice topped with boiled wheat and sliced apples.

So a few weeks ago I was sitting on my couch trying to think of ways I could move my living room around when the best idea came to me. If I clean out all the magazines on the bottom two shelves of the large 5 shelf book cases I have and ask Mom to make me curtains, I can hide food behind them.

And that's exactly what happened. Mom was gracious enough to make the cutest curtains for me and look what came of it:

And look...there is even a little bit of food on the shelf. Yes, that is cake, pudding and vanilla...essentials!


Cyd said...

Very clever - I've got the same dilemma. Problem is, I don't think I'll be able to get rid of enough books to make any kind of space on the shelves! Drawing board, here I come...

Wade, Nicole, Nora, & Audrey said...

Very Cute!!! Total Katherine!

The Wade Family said...

Great idea!! Thanks for the tip!!