Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Christina & Andy Cunningham

My good friend Christina married her sweetheart Andy this past weekend. The Shores family had a presence around every corner, Kelly fixed the hair of the bridal party and Mom made all the flowers. Even Dad came along for the drive and a little moral support.

And let's not forget about the cake! Christina and I met in a Communications class at KSU a few semesters ago and have become great friends. I was so excited when she asked me to make her cake but about half way through the process I was exhausted and doubting myself. Thankfully, with a lot of help from Mom & Dad at the reception site, it turned out great!

If you are interested in seeing more photos of this process, click HERE to see the blog I created for my writing class.


Cyd said...

Dang, that cake is gorgeous. Also... mmmm, cake.

Love the cake blog - I know I don't think anything about how the cake actually got there when I see it at a reception!

Must go eat now.

The BirdHouse said...

Holy cow, girl!!!!!! That is one AMAZING cake. You got some talent, sista!!!

jenja said...

OH Kathy! You make me want to get married all over again so you can do the cake! lol

You are one talented woman!
Love ya!

Jodi said...

You are amazing! I had no idea you were so talented! Way to go!

The Wade Family said...

You're cakes are so pretty! What icing recipe do you use? I've been trying to find a good one.