Thursday, July 31, 2008

Greyhound Bus...

A few months ago my Kia broke down in Nashville. My friends and I got rides back to Atlanta with other friends that were up there (for yet another pathetic single adult conference.) The following weekend I had to get back up to Nashville to pick up my Kia and although there were numerous offers for rides (thank you all) I opted to GO GREYHOUND!

It was a most entertaining trip...although I hesitate to use the word entertaining, since it was mostly smelly, malfunctioning (yes, the bus broke down), hot, dangerous (an actual Greyhound employee got in a fight with one of the other passengers) cold, rainy, smelly, and long, but hey, it only cost me $50 and that's better than what it would have run me had I filled someone's tank up!

It was after that trip that I figured I would probably never venture onto another Greyhound again. And it was after reading THIS article that I am POSITIVE I will never ride another Greyhound again. FREAKS! I tell you...freaks!

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The Sixth Sister said...

And that is why you should have listened to me and taken a ride to TN! I think you have learned your lesson!:)