Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Law Family: Random & Stalkworthy

So a few months ago when I was blog stalking I ran across THIS blog. I have no idea who they are or how I came in contact with their blog (friend of a friend of a friend of a ...) but I just love reading their posts and looking through their amazing photos! They are living the most interesting life and until I can do the same I have to live vicariously through them. Hope they are OK with that. Check it out, they are The Law Family and I will put a link to their blog on my sidebar. Or you can click HERE too.


John IV said...

Yeah, I read one page of their blog and I am officially not cool. FRIGGIN A! Could those two BE any cooler?!?!?? Live in Costa Rica, go caving in exotic locales, take down the punks that rob you, graduate from the johnson & johnson management program in NY, get one of the best expatriate gigs ever to Switzerland... my life is BOORING, MUNDANE, AND UNEVENTFUL AT BEST COMPARED TO THESE TWO. It's exciting for me to go see a movie. I'll bet these two just go to movie sets and watch movies get made. They probably only go to pro sporting events because they have to or something. [/sarcasm]Oh well, they don't have 3 beautiful rugrats like I do. [sarcasm]

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Leviticus said...

Wow... you should e-mail them and ask them what camera the use. They have amazing pics.