Thursday, July 31, 2008

25th Anniversary Cake & working the corner

The lady that rents an office next to mine ordered an anniversary cake for her aunt & uncle. They scuba dive, so she wanted it to have a theme. She said that one likes chocolate cake and the other likes vanilla, but they both like carrot, so could I make it all three flavors (hu?)
I had the idea in my head (and up there it was much cuter) but I don't think it turned out horrible (too bad my immagination doesn't have a print button!)
the cake before the icing, so you can see how i incorporated all three flavors
I had two different colors of blue and I used this cool technique to put them in the bag together then I mixed them so it looked like what is obviously a lake!

The dive fins. No, this is not a marriage of 3...I had to make an extra set in case there was breakage!

The finished cake...with the addition of the scuba flags.

live *heart* love *heart* dive

Finished cake...again.

Check out the bottom of their funny am I?!?!

No...i will not make a cake like this for you.

and...WORKING THE CORNER: I met Marci's cousin this morning to pass the cake off. They have a family reunion this weekend and Marci is already there. So we decided to meet at the Spaghetti Warehouse off Delk Road. As I was pulling out of the parking lot there was a car stopped in front of me with a girl talking to the driver through the window. She was not dressed so fantaliciously, but I didn't think anything of it (aside from the flip flops with socks.)

So I pulled up behind them and a few seconds later she walked away and he pulled out...slowly. As I was waiting for traffic to clear I saw that he had only turned left and was driving really slowly in the turn lane away from I-75 watching her with his head poked out the window. Then a black Lincoln (an airport transport type car) turned into the same lot I was trying to turn out of. This girl was still on the corner just a few feet from my car.

As I pull out of the drive I notice that the girl has approached the Lincoln and then it dawns on me...hello...she is a "working girl" a "don't kiss on the lips girl" a "pretty woman". I felt sorry for her, mostly because of her choice of wardrobe (nasty) and for her chosen profession. Sad times that you can find that sort of "service" right there on Delk Road.


The Sixth Sister said...

oh its adorable! good job.

jenja said...

Awesome cake! You are the woman!

Anonymous said...

You have to be one of the most talented people I know!!!! That is awesome!!!!!!!