Saturday, May 31, 2008

Breaking Dawn...chapter 1

Recently, a special edition print of the book Eclipse (by Stephanie Meyer) was released in stores. This special edition has some fun TEAM EDWARD & TEAM JACOB iron-on's and also the release of the cover of the next book in the series: Breaking Dawn. But more important than iron-on's and art work covers is the first chapter of this new book.

I had no intention of spending an unnecessary $14 on this special edition because I already have Eclipse and have already pre-ordered Breaking Dawn (due out Aug 2, 2008). But tonight when I was at Wal*Mart I saw this special edition on an end cap in the stationary department and was so tempted to toss it in my buggy. I picked it up to thumb through the book and check out the art work for Breaking Dawn when I found chapter 1...all the way at the end. I started reading and 10 minutes later I was finished with chapter 1.

Now I am even more excited for Aug 2...this is going to be a very long 61 days 22 hours and 40 minutes!


Laura said...

How excited are you for the movie? I saw the trailer for the first time yesterday and cannot wait!!! Are you team Jacob or Edward?

Wade, Nicole, Nora, & Audrey said...

Well, I cannot say I am on either team b/cI have not read any of the books! Bu tmy sister LOVES the series!!

Idiosyncrasies. said...

I know what you mean, I'm so excited for Breaking Dawn. I don't know how I'm going to wait until August 2nd. It's so far!!

The first chapter was awesome, and I'm praying that the book is at least a thousand pages. I really hope Bella gets turned and that they live happily ever after, no matter how cliche that sounds.

Edward all the way!