Thursday, May 29, 2008

2008 Summer Semester: 1st Day Of Classes...

I know, I am drama...but the idea of surrendering my evenings yet again, for the greater good of higher education, was so daunting I cannot even describe my emotion as I drove into the west parking deck. It was like someone was pulling me (by my hair) and I was doing everything I could to run the other way. This calls for a LIST.

Things I LIKE about summer school:

1. there are actually open parking spots in the parking deck
2. my class has 21 registered students and 12 showed up. 12...HEAVEN!
3. classes are long, but professors typically don't keep you the entire time
4. classes are long, but they only last for 8 weeks
5. fewer students = fewer smokers polluting my air

Yeah, that's all I got. It does suck a huge rock that I am giving up my evenings, but it will pay off. IT WILL PAY OFF.

And tonight I learned something - something that I feel I should share, because everyone should learn something today.

Below are the percentages that your average person is impacted by speech/communication:

7% by WORDS
38% by VOICE

How crazy is that? It gets professor (Liv - like Liv Tyler) (who I really like) talked about resumes and how on average an employer received 500 resumes for every job posting listed in the news paper. 500. Wow. Now I guess I know why I have not received any call backs.

She also suggested that instead of telling that potential employer how great you are, you should tell them why their company would benefit from your being a part of their team. And another reason I have not received any calls. I guess I need to redo that cover letter.

Okay, that is today's lesson. And the moral of the story is that, I forget that I like school when I have been away so long. I would simply like it better if it didn't occupy so much of my time, especially on summer favorite!

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