Monday, January 7, 2008

Spring 2008 semester...first day of classes:

Do you know what happens on the first day of classes? Let me tell you what happens...THE FREAKS COME OUT!!!

Do you know that it is common among college students to AVOID BATHING with clean water and soap?!

Do you know that rather than soap & water, there are some college students that bath with cologne and perfume?

I bet you didn't know that I get stuck behind them walking to class?!

Do you also know that Kennesaw State University has designated smoking areas...meaning that you can't just smoke anywhere you have to smoke where it says you can smoke.

Do you know that there are students that smoke outside of those designated smoking areas?

This semester I want to approach all of said students and ask them:

me: "Are you a freshman?"

smoking student: "yes, smart seniorclasswoman"

me: "well, did you get into college not being able to read"

smoking student: "well, I got my GED!"

me: "FYI: the sign says 'smoking only in designated smoking area' ok?"

me (again): "and hey, did you know smoking gives you cancer?!"

And you know...funny thing, I always end up down wind from THOSE students that choose to smoke outside of the designated smoking area! And I AM IN MY OWN BLOODY SMOKE-FREE AREA...SO STAY AWAY WITH YOUR YUCKY CIGARETTE SMOKE! GOT IT?! Good. Thanks

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