Monday, January 7, 2008

...stepped on something...

Yesterday I invited John, Jamiee, Abbi & Jenna over for dinner after church. When they were getting ready to leave I carried Abbi to the car, since she wasn't wearing any shoes. Once everyone was in their car seats and kissed & hugged, I hurried up the steps, it was a little cold and I was in bare feet too.

I put one foot on the first step and squished something with my! That was probably just a leaf! Yes, a leaf, or maybe a piece of trash, probably just a leaf...!?!

I continue quickly up the stairs rubbing my foot across every surface possible...just to make sure I either get more germy or less germy before I walk into my apartment.

Once in my apartment I rub my toes on the carpet just inside my door and scamper away to prepare for the beginning of classes (tonight).

Fast forward to this morning...I have just left my apartment and am headed to my car when I spot exactly what I stepped on...laying DEAD on the first step up to our breezeway...

...I think I just threw up a little in my mouth!

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