Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Special Event Show 2008

A few times a year I really, really, really love my job at the same I am loath my job. I work in the special event industry and during January & February our company attends about 3 - 5 trades shows. This week is our first show, The Special Event Show. The first two days leave achy muscles, dry, cracked, beaten & bruised skin and the beginnings of the worst foot pain you will ever experience. By the end of the week you will pay anyone any amount of money if they will just rub your feet and not speak! All in all a great experience where you get to learn a lot and meet some fantastic people, go to amazing parties and see some incredibly creative stuff.
Which brings me to why I love, love, love trade shows, especially THIS ONE!
The Special Event Show is like Show & Tell for big (party) kids and they are big kids with phenomenal imaginations and budgets, well...what budget! The skies the limit, or so they want their competition to think so. This is the show party people live for, there are more linen, florists, decor, entertainers and "we rent it all" businesses than I have ever seen gathered in one location. It is truly like walking through a Martha Stewart Living Magazine, only better!
Since most of you will never attend a show like this, here is a peak at the inside:

Seeing things like this is why I dare to do different, because different is always better than dull! And yes, you can quote me!
I will have my camera with me during the next few days at the show, so I'll post more photos as I have time.

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Landlocked Shores said...

WOW! BEAUTIFUL...My tradeshows are only lots of clothes... ugh kinda boring in comparison. Love the pink stick things picture. Can't wait to see more.