Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Special Event Show 2008 II

If the way my feet feel after today, is any indication of how exhausted I am and what a show floor can to do someone, you would think that today was the 407th day of this show! I am so tired and my body aches in every possible way, that I actually left the private event at the World of (diet) Coke tonight...over an hour early. Others were leaving too, so I didn't feel like such a loser. Besides, it was snowing and the roads were going to get bad so I had to get headed home...right!?
oN WiTH tHe ShOW!
I didn't have a huge amount of time for FoTo bY kAtHerINe today, but I will try to do better tomorrow. I think I may have a little more time tomorrow to actually walk the show floor. We were slammed today!
Since yesterday's photos were pretty self-explanatory, I didn't really go into any detail, but there are a few things in this bunch that need a few words:
This is one of my favorite booths...I can't remember the name of her business, but the purpose is to create this unique hat. This company started out with this lady making hats out of brown paper bags (all mashed up & shaped to fit your head) for her daughter & friends to decorate. It took on a life of it's own and I can honestly say, after (give or take) 8 years of these shows with her, she has transformed this art! People hire her to come in and set up for all sorts of events and you will see people wearing these hats all over the place.
Now the hats are covered in fabric, but they used to be just painted and even then they were still cute as can be. I will try to get to her booth to make one tomorrow and I will of course post a pic.

"...pick yah cola..."
um, yeah, no idea...back drops?!

...yeah, no idea. i think those are candles hanging from a wire tree. You can see the entire booth in the picture above, so they actually do have some pretty stuff.

Yes, there are companies that will rent you just about anything! Isn't it great!?!
This next bank of photos is just odd...I think their main item are what looks like a piece of nylon...but in different shapes to fit different items (lamps, tables, whatever)

I honestly doubt anyone needs me to actually SAY/WRITE this, but I will do it anyway...let's be honest, doesn't this tree make you want to throw a Dr. Seuss themed party?!?

...okay, we will pause now for station identification...

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