Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Special Event Show 2008 - special feature

This afternoon at the show I had to visit another booth to look at a chair for a client. On my way there I stopped by this booth where there was an artist drawing caricatures...of course I sat for one of my own!

To explain why I am riding a WHALE...?!? (huh?)

Tuesday nights event for the show was held at the Georgia Aquarium and there were two women there from California (they had just finished with their caricatures) and we were discussing the event at the aquarium and I mentioned how much I just love watching the Beluga Whale's and how beautiful they are.

Well, this is what I got:

...why yes, this is the ONLY TIME you will ever see me in a bikini.

Do you think it looks like me?!

He's got the Shores' nose down and the chubby cheeks too.

What? say you would like to comment and tell me if you think he did a good job? Well go right ahead, don't be afraid. It makes me HAPPY when you comment. Yes...YOU!


The BirdHouse said...'s amazing who you might run into when you blogsurf! You looks gorgeous and it was fun seeing pictures of Maddie, Sariah and Tanner. Tell the fam hi (especially Sarah). 'hope you are doing well!!~~~Kelly Bird

The Sixth Sister said...

Oh how funny!! This is sooo cute! I want one!...Kel