Thursday, January 10, 2008


This one time at band camp... let out early and I was starving! I knew that if I left campus I would certainly not make it back for history or care to, so I headed to the Social Sciences building to hangout before class and grab a salad at the little deli ditty.
As I walk into the building I can't help but notice this girl walking in front of me. A common occurrence for me to be shocked by what people where to class, it caught me by surprise that I was SO SURPRISED to see this girl, who I think pretty much just forgot to put on her skirt.
Cursing myself for missing a Kodak moment, I go about my business.
Fast forward 20 minutes...I am sitting in the common area choking down my second salad of the day and minding my own business when I hear this commotion at the counter behind me and this voice that makes me want to pay for the outrageously priced Bose noise eliminating headsets.
As I turn around in time to hear her fuss about the way the woman is making her mocha-latte-choco-freako-drinko I am surprised and utterly exhilarated to see that it is her! The girl I saw walking down the hall wearing something you would/should see on What Not To Wear!
...this Kodak moment is brought to you by Samsung and the letters A,T&T:
Those are nylons people! Not leggings or tights or whatever else would hide more. And that grey thing, a coat, wait, maybe that's supposed to be a dress?! Bottom it off with those red ankle boot heel!
CRAP...what if she drops something and has to bend over?!

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