Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kanarra Creek - happy birthday to me

I just realized I had this post in my drafts waiting to be finished.  I am definitely not a good blog mommy lately.  Can you blame me?  I've been a little distracted getting settled on Cloud 9!  Isn't love so great!

So let's catch up on at least one trip, my birthday!
I flew out to Utah to spend Michael's birthday with him and decided I would like to do the same for mine.  He knows I love camping so we planned an awesome trip down to Kanarraville, UT.  Our goal in going to such a random location was so that we could hike Kanarra Creek.  It was a wonderful weekend.

Michael & I at the beginning of the hike

Mike and the kids walking in

Calvin & I taking our time

It was all about the cool over-brush

The start of the slot canyon

Gabriela wanted to take this rock home with us

I love this picture of me...only because of Luke & Calvin talking to each other in the background

This was the first ladder/waterfall we came upon.  You have to climb up & over, awesome!

My love...

Isn't it breathtaking!


This is a shot looking down, you just can't tell that there is a ladder on the other side of that rock.
Notice the blue rope on the left...

See Gabriela & Luke at the top?  This is the second ladder, much easier to go up than to come back down, but we made it!

Isn't this ladder amazing!  People have built and re-built it over the years.  There are actually two sections of ladder (not connected) and a log propped up.  None of it is very secure and you have some rope on the right to help you out.  It was awesome!

Michael and the kids at ladder number one.

Walking out...

We had plans to camp, but due to some unforeseen glitches we opted for this cute little KOA cabin.
We all liked staying here and it was a lot less hassle too. 

It was an awesome birthday and I wouldn't change a thing, a trip I definitely want to take again.

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Good to see some posts about the new guy! You look so happy! Ü