Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Give"...said the Little Stream

Like most everyone I know my "To Do" list, at any given moment, has close to 1,000 things on it. I could say it is overwhelming, but it's not. If it were I might actually get more things done and check them off the list but no, I just let them sit there collecting dust on my list. It's awful really, simply awful.

One thing that does inspire me is when others check items we worked on together off their list before I do. Oh that just chaps my hide! It's my own fault...I just need to kick it in gear and get it done!

Well last night that's exactly what I did. My sis Kelly borrowed a friend's Cricket to cut out some vinyl and I asked her to cut some for me....THREE WEEKS AGO! I've had this idea for years, YEARS! (I probably stole it from someone, but I'm claiming it as my own) and finally it's done!

Isn't it cute!

For you non-Mormons out there (Are there any of you left? You really should go find the missionaries and get baptized! The Gospel will change your life.) "Give Said The Little Stream" is a Primary song. Not just any Primary song, but one of the sweetest, most honest songs I've ever had the privileged of singing. You can read the words and listen to the song HERE or if you're into videos there is a sweet one HERE.

It looks a little small in the image because there is no frame of reference, but it is about 16" x 18" and all I did was buy a frame at JoAnn's ($14 on sale of course) and took the back off. I also removed all the small brads that are meant to keep the back on because I didn't want them to scratch the glass or be visible. I cleaned the glass, applied the vinyl lettering and hung it on the wall. Boom!

And since I'm home this weekend I will need to tackle a few more things on my list. Hummm...dishes? Seat covers? Winterize the garden? Laundry? Bathroom? Good grief!

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