Saturday, November 12, 2011

Come in and sit a spell...

Tonight I will make up for all the previous posts where I had no images. But you'll love it, so that makes it worthwhile.

Recently I blogged about my new dinning room table. It is a beauty to behold and finally there is somewhere to rest your tush while you nourish your body in my home. Behold...CHAIRS!

In the same post (above) I also went into detail about my chairs. The two that I had shipped from Salt Lake City arrived without injury and along with the two I purchased in my travels they received the following finishing loved seat covers.

1. Bought new 2" foam and traced support boards.

2. Took everything to Kelly's so she could help me reupholster.
How awesome does that look!

3. Kelly being annoyed with me for what I am sure is an unnecessary & ridiculous reason.
Thanks for your help Kel, I really appreciate it. Loves.

4. Pause to take a photo of handsome little man Jack

5. Another finished seat...awesome!

6. Char loved laying & sitting on the finished cushions.

7. Finished seats on chairs back home.

8. Chairs with my new table.

A note about the "fabric" I used to recover the seats. As I've mentioned I have a thing for previously loved items. Meaning, I like old stuff and I particularly like being able to re-purpose items. I had decided I wanted to use old feed/seed/grain sacks a while back but I had a hard time locating exactly what I wanted, especially for a reasonable price. Eventually I found what I was looking for in an Etsy shop HERE. I paid around $13 for one sack and about $20 for the other. I found some regular fabric I liked with a similar look but it was $80/yard so I thought this was a bargain.

The chairs still need a little work and (amazing brother - creator of the amazing table) Levi just today finished the bench for the other side. As soon as I am able I'll be hosting my first dinner party with the new table, and yes, Levi will be the first guest on the list! Thanks Levi, you are amazing (did I mention this already?) and seriously so talented I can't hardly stand it. Loves.


The Sixth Sister said...

Now Im annoyed! I cant believe you posted such a ridiculous picture.

MonikaC said...

Love the finished product! Good job!