Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Anonymity & being a better me

There is a lot to be said of anonymity. It is safe and it is powerful.

Today I kicked the elliptical's trash for 3 miles. It felt awesome, just the same as it did yesterday and the same as it will tomorrow. Even after my meeting. Even at the awful hotel gym.

Do you know why anonymity is powerful? Because when you tell someone that you want to change your body they tend to say things like "but you look great" or "you are beautiful" or "you are perfect just the way you are".

Don't be that kind of someone.

Do you know why anonymity is safe? Because when you fail you only have to admit it to yourself. When you tell others about a guy you are seeing and the relationship ends it's like you have to break up with every single person you told. Do you know what that leads to? The longest, most painful breakup in history.

When you tell others that you want to change your body and you fail, they see it.

Not this time.

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