Sunday, May 1, 2011

PYO Strawberries = jam!

It was a very exciting April with so many things going on it was hard to keep track.

For years now we've (Kelly & I) been talking about going to a PYO (Pick Your Own) strawberry farm. Finally this year we were on top of things and made it happen.
I had the day off of work on Good Friday and Kelly, Charley and I visited LCCL Farms in Rome.
We didn't really know what to expect but we didn't care and came in full "get dirty" gear.

Charley was smart and brought her boots.
Good was super muddy in the strawberry patch and she was not afraid to dig in.

Kelly & Charley before we really got started.

There is/was still some time left in the growing season so there were plenty of green berries on the vines. Charley did amazing finding & picking the red berries.

Could she BE any cuter!?

The berries were huge! And so beautiful.
Kelly and I kept saying "Oh my goodness, this one is gorgeous" or "Wow, this is the biggest strawberry ever!" It was so fun.

Char wasn't the only one pooped out from our harvest.
But she is the only one who decided to lay down on the roof of the car.
We were all ready for lunch and a nap when we finished.

Here is our loot!
We just split up the buckets and each took a box. Mine cost me about $28 and at $1.60/pound that was just over 17 pounds total. I think. Did I do the math right?

They were just so was amazing how much more lovely they are than the ones you buy at the grocery store.

In the end we enjoyed a few and made jam with the rest.
With my $28+ worth I came away with 3 quart and 15 pint sized jars of strawberry jam.

Yum. Yum. Yum.
Does anyone want the one jar of store bought jam I have in my cabinet?
I can't wait to break into these!


Leviticus said...

A) Best. Pictures. Ever.
B) I am so jealous... I wish I had been off on Good Friday.

Grand Blanc, MI Stake said...

Gorgeous. What a wonderful day.

And I can't figure out why my comments are signed "Grand Blanc, MI" except that I manage too many blogs and I messed up somewhere.

Also, I used a website recently that keeps telling the world I am in Wisconsin. HA! Ask me where I won't live...further NORTH.

Anyway, gorgeous jam. Just lovely.