Saturday, January 22, 2011

No TV: day 4 ...and free stuff!

It is only day 4 and I am contemplating turning off my cable permanently. Almost every day I have another person tell me how they turned off their cable, don't own a television, or only watch on the weekends. Impressive.

At work it is commonplace for everyone to gather in our break room for lunch. I think we travel so much that the idea of going out to lunch when we are in the office is very unappealing. The other day there were just a few of us in the break room and for some reason the topic of television came up, so I mentioned my fast. To my amazement, everyone there seemed to be in agreement that there is very little on television worth watching anymore. My boss made a great comment, she said, "sometimes you just have to do what you feel is best." And I couldn't agree more!

Now, for the free stuff! Marcy over at A Girl in a Gorilla Suit is continuing a very popular "homemade" give-a-way, so I thought I would play along.

I promise to send something handmade to the first 4 people who leave a comment here.
To be eligible, you must also post this on your blog, offering the same thing to 4 other people.

The rules:
It must be handmade by you (me)
It must be sent to your 4 people (you!) sometime in 2011

I will admit, I think I tried this once before and no one commented on the post. I was sad and I thought "hey, I make some really great stuff! Why doesn't anyone want it?" And then I got over it and moved on. So with that said, I realize I might be setting myself up for disappointment yet again. But I'm not afraid! OK, maybe a little afraid.

Now, I can make a mean beanie cap and I can rock it in the kitchen, so you might just end up with something really great!

Be sure to leave your email address in your comment so I can get in touch.

Oh, I hope it's someone I don't know...I love meeting new blog friends!


Cyd said...

Is it terrible if I confess that I'm commenting here because I can't find a hat that I like to save my life and I really want one of your beanies because my head is cold all the time? No? OK, then. I accept the challenge!

(Also, the verification word is "gropa". HA.)

Captivating Eyes said...

Me me me !!! =P

MonikaC said...

I will play along! This will be fun! Sorry you already know me.

Emily said...

i want to play!!!!

you know my email! i cant wait until we start our adventure next weekend!!!

Jen Thomas said...

I will play along too.. and you know me although we haven't seen each other in way too long... does that almost count??