Friday, January 21, 2011

No TV: day 3

Again I ask, "Who has time for television?" It's 11:43 p.m. and I am just now sitting down to the computer after a very long day at the office. I've only been home for about an hour and I am truly tired.

Now, before anyone thinks I am that devoted to my new position (that I love) I was not at the office this late, I just had a lot to do. I left the office just before 6 p.m. and after a quick trip to my favorite nail salon I enjoyed some yummy Chinese dinner at a restaurant around the corner. Yes, I went to dinner by myself and read the book I got at the library about John & Abigail Adams. (I'll share more on the book in a moment.)

After dinner I decided to find the closest Baskin Robbins and treat myself to an ice cream cone with one of the gift cards my blog friend Shauna sent me. Thank you was so yummy! Mmmm, Chocolate Fudge, delicious! Yes, it's still pretty cold outside, but when is it too cold for ice cream? Answer: never.

A note about Shauna, if you don't already follow her blog, you should start today! She is so talented and has the most spectacular ideas about everything from crafts with the kids to Family Home Evening to (my favorite) her holiday shelf. I really want to start a holiday shelf in my own home and every month I am seriously going to put up a different picture of myself! OK, maybe I'll use pictures of other peoples children. Whatever! I just love Shauna though, and you will too. Trust me.

I really do need to get to bed, but before I do I really must share the sweetest thing I read in this book. Apparently the Adams' were quite in love. They would write letters to one another when they were apart, which is something I do wish we did more of. Isn't the art of love letters lost on technology. Instead of love letters from your betrothed, now you might get a text message "Yo babe, what's up?" We should rally to bring back the art of letter writing! I'll start with a letter to Congress, they aren't doing anything right now anyway.

Alright, back on track...during their engagement there were quite a few letters (because they were apart most of that time.) At one point the author, Joseph J. Ellis even mentions that when their grandson published their correspondence he chose to leave their courtship out. Maybe it was a little too bawdy to share!? Here is a little taste of a letter John wrote to Abigail that was left out by the grandson:

"Miss Adorable: By the same token that the bearer hereof [JA] satt up with you last night, I hereby order you to give him, as many kisses, and as many hours of your company after nine o'clock as he pleases to demand, and charge them to my account."

Isn't that the cutest thing ever?! I sure think so.

Because I shared a letter written by John I think it only fitting to share one written by Abigail. This was part of the last letter she wrote to him before they were married, October 25, 1764. And because the author wrote it so well, I will use his words...

"Abigail asked him to take her belongings, which she was forwarding in a cart to their new home in Braintree. 'And then Sir, if you please,' she concluded, 'you may take me.'"

I swoon! Such eloquent writing in the 1700s. But oh weren't they clever! So much more to read, I'm still only on the first chapter. It does seem a little more challenging to read than your average run of the mill tweeny books, but it seems promising.

On a side note, thank you all for your book recommendations!
Keep them coming!

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