Monday, November 1, 2010

A turkey for singing time

Recently I was called to be the Primary Music Leader at church. I was so super excited about the call, even though I knew it would only be for a short time. [Short time given the new work location + an hour plus commute time every morning and night. Yikes.]

This past Sunday was our Sacrament Meeting presentation so I knew I would need something extra fun for the children once Singing Time rolled around. I knew they would either be hyped up on sugar from trick-or-treating or on the spiral down from that sugar high. Either way, I was on a mission to find something to pump them up.

After taking in all the suggestions from my mom and sisters I came up with a (huge) turkey, feathers hidden around the room with songs on the back. Here's how it went down:

1. Find super cute turkey on line.
2. Purchase $25 overhead projector from Michael's.
3. Purchase large roll of paper.
4. Tape two pieces of paper together because one isn't quite large enough.
5. Find a dark place to set up the contraption. (Garage perhaps)
6. Trace the image with a pencil.

You can see the original turkey on the bottom right.
The one I used on the overhead projector was about half that size.

7. Use very large Sharpie marker to trace the pencil drawing.
8. Step back to get a better view, continue to use Sharpie were you missed earlier.

Looking good!

8. While your contraption is still hung in the garage, trace feathers on colored paper.
9. Trace over feathers with larger Sharpie.
10. Cut feathers to match original feather partner.
11. Trace/Sharpie/Cut gobble gobble piece for additional song choices. Could have used the ribbon/bow too if I needed another song.

This picture is missing the top feather, but it's there...just look in the next picture.

12. Locate your stash of crayons from a box that will soon be unpacked in your new apartment.
13. Color the body of the turkey.
14. Don't color the original turkey feathers, it is more to the point when they are white and the children need to find the colored feathers to complete the turkey.
15. Note: I traced the little head piece on red paper and glued it to the top/yellow feather so it was one just didn't seem right to cover it up when the feather was eventually placed on Theresa the Turkey's body.

She was a big hit, and Theresa will be joining us again next week although I need to think of a little better way to use her. I might have to throw in some church trivia, oh or maybe name that tune! Any suggestions?


Landlocked Shores said...

How fun....I would love that calling!

Captivating Eyes said...

That is adorable!! I might have to share this with our primary music person. She has cute ideas, but nothing THIS cute!!

MonikaC said...

Love it! Are you sure you weren't a Kindergarten teacher in a previous life?

Jodi said...

That is AWESOME! You are so creative!

Stacy's Snippets said...

This looks awesome! I'm the primary president in my ward...any time you want to move to Salt Lake you've got a job here!! :)

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