Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | DAY 30!

You've made it!

The 30 Day Writer's Challenge was a challenge indeed. That's not to say that I have not enjoyed every moment of the past 30 days and writing for all of you, my loyal readership. But I will say this, coming up with quality content is more of a challenge that I originally thought it would be. And again, I find it a struggle to write about the more personal tug-a-wars I have. I'm working on that too.

As much as I thought I would rely on the original idea list, I really only used a few. It was a fine list, but not really the content I was going for in the end.

But today is 30! Wawhoo! And I have been saving today's topic especially for this special day. So, let's get to it, shall we...

This is Toy Story's Bullseye:

This is Charley's Bullseye:

Char loves him so much...she tells me all the time!

Sometimes she sits or lays on his face.
I don't think he cares, that's just the way they roll.

I made Bullseye for Charley for her birthday.
That's just the way I roll.

My friend Liz helped me.
Technically she did most of it, but I was there for moral support.
Liz rocks. That's just the way she rolls. She's super crafty like that.
Thanks Liz Van D.

Happy 2nd Birthday Charley!

Thanks for sticking around for 30 days.
I wonder if I can keep it up?
I promise I'll do better.
Maybe not every day, but better.


The Sixth Sister said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!! She does adore her Bullseye...I am reminded by that every time I hear her say "excuse me Bullseye" as tho he might actually move for her. Who knows, maybe he does! Your the best aunt and she loves you!!

Angel said...

Too adorable!
I miss you woman! I need serious Katherine time. Maybe when I'm not so busy... =/
So I've been working on my blog and trying to figure this all out. It looks better but still needs work. Any advice would be much appreciated. Hope you're doing well love.
Hugs <3
PS I read your blog all the time! Love to see what new antics you're up to or what you'll write about next =)

Captivating Eyes said...

You can do it! I'm going to try...even though I missed yesterday! =P

Ashley Terry said...

I'm so impressed!! You posted so much I couldn't even keep up with comments :) But I loved each post, and hopefully will be able to backtrack some comments!!!

Oh, and the Bullseye is adorable!!

tiny said...

I am glad Charlie is in love! Now you need to help me finish my girls' Bullseye's. :) Let's craft again!