Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 9

When you've got mad skills...let your light so shine!

I imagine the preexistence to be something like a fall carnival where you are given tickets at the gate and proceed to each booth to earn prizes. Prizes in the preexistence would be things to help you while on Earth.

A little patience at the ring toss, some good will at the fishing pond. A sense of humor at pin the trumpet on Moroni, but the big one had to come from the cake walk.

So there I am walking around and around waiting for my number to be called and I think it will never come and I walk and I walk and I walk and finally, "14" (...that's my number.) And I walk over to read the icing on my cake...singing. I'm pleased. I know it was chosen just for me (good read: Parable of the Talents.)

Then it's time to leave the fall carnival for Earth. My memory slips here and sometimes I multiply my talent, and sometimes I end up in the back yard with dirt under my nails.

So why is it that some people you meet are your own personal investment banker, while others load their back seats with shovels and gardening gloves?

Feel like making someones day? Leave your shovel in the garage and pack a calculate in the carry-on.

What's your cake walk talent?
Don't be shy, share. Add a comment!

How are your math skills?
Done any multiplying lately?

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Captivating Eyes said...

Hmm...this is an interesting thought. I can think of a lot of things I'm good at, but not really peg one down that I'm GOOD at. My cake walk. I'll have to think about this.