Saturday, August 21, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | Day 2

It is only day two and I am already suffering from writer's block. I have scanned the link to the list of ideas from my original post and I can't image writing about any of those suggestions today.

I am inclined however to comment on the movie I am watching: Pride & Prejudice. I've watched this movie a number of times and I always experience the same feelings of inadequacy. I should walk more elegantly, speak more fluidly, act more like a lady. Can you imagine encountering someone that acted like Elisabeth Bennett today? Or Mr. Darcy? "May I see you back to the village?" Oh my! I get excited at the idea of a handsome man even speaking to me, I can't imagine him speaking so eloquently.

I have loads of envy for the romanticism of that era. Everything was richer and life just seemed to have more depth back then. I realize it is a movie, and not one produced by the Discovery Channel at that, but still I imagine it to be true to life. Can you imagine your home being "open to visitors", spending your days learning to play the piano or speak Latin?

"What are men compared to rocks and mountains?" someone might say

"He has pladgiared himself most profoundly." plagiared. yes of course and profoundly too!

Maybe my thinking is all wrong, maybe life now has more depth and life then was shallow. Shall we all start adorning ourselves with corsets and bonnets and our hair in buns and ringlets?

I think not.

Giving second thought to my original post I would wear a corset for a man that would share these words with me...
"You have bewitched me body and soul and I love you."



MonikaC said...

We may not wear corsets, but look at all the crazy things people do to permanently alter themselves through plastic surgery. Is that any better?

Captivating Eyes said...

I want to live in a time where men actually court! I want to be fought for, dang it!!