Monday, August 30, 2010

30 Day Writer's Challenge | the best medicine

Some people think I'm funny.
How I feel about them is up in the air.

I think that the fluoride in the water, immunizations, bad eggs, mad cows or possibly high fructose corn syrup has burglarized Georgians of their laugh.

If you find any abandoned or unattached sense of humors sitting around please return them because I'm sure I will not be able to do business with anyone else that can't turn their frown upside down.

I know there are times when seriousness is key and laughter is inappropriate...THAT IS NOT RIGHT NOW! People it's time you realize we'll come back (and thus spend more money) if my experience with you is a pleasant one.

Funny or not, everyone (I think) can smile. Go ahead and try it, I bet you'll enjoy it too.

On a side note, Kate Gosselin is so much drama. I only bring this up as I have been watching the new season of Kate Plus Ei8ht as I blog. Realizing my opinion of her comes from only knowing her through television, but that's the idea, right? Kate, good for you for getting in shape (having surgery) and giving your creepy x-husband something to regret. Can I be so bold, I don't want/need to see your side-boob anymore. Feel free to use your show as your own complaining stool, but I'm not sure I will be watching. You make me crazy. And who says "As per usual?" Just try "As usual" the fewer words the better.

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Captivating Eyes said...

This one made me laugh. :)