Sunday, May 23, 2010

Holding it close for safe keeping

I'm not so much a blog-slacker as I am a protector. Sure, I've been busy and there has been a lot going on lately, but I have this urge to hold it close for safe keeping. I'm not sure if it will matter much, but maybe it's the superstitious part of me that wants to keep it hidden until there is something to tell.

You know the feeling, it's like when you date someone for a while. You (finally) get the nerve to introduce him to your friends & eventually your family. You are a couple and the entire planet knows it! Then you wake up one day and it's over. And as if it's not bad enough that you have to live through it, but now you have to endure all the questions about that guy, break the news to Grandma Bertha, Aunt Margie and the milkman and still hold your head high walking down the street alone. This is why I prefer you not know...not at least until there's a need to pick out the china.

So yes, there may be some action on this end of the block but for now I'm holding it close!

It was just a metaphor, there is no guy.


The Sixth Sister said...

HA! That was great. I like the picture too...where do you get those?

Jodi said...

Guy or no guy I am hoping it works out for you!

The Wade Family said...

I love your new background! I need to know how to do that!

Jinnia said...

You had me wondering there...great descriptions! I agree with Jodi - guy or no guy I hope everything works out for you too!