Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Burberry Rainboots...must have!

If you are a savvy shopper like myself and you are not a member of the Gilt Group...you need to jump to it!

I dream through the daily emails touting fabulous deals and even a few steals. There is everything from jewelry and clothing to grand vacations.

Today I fell in love with a pair of shoes.
Not just any shoes...White Burberry Rain Boots!

Original price, a hefty $195 (ouch!)
Gilt price, a lovely $79!
I know...still pricey, but aren't they lovely?
It's rhetorical question people...obviously.

I've needed rain boots for a long time now and can't bring myself to buy the girly, flowery, pink and frilly looking rubbers. I could see myself in these beauties, no doubt.

And lest you think you can jump over to Burberry and spend your bounty on a pair, think again...they are NOT on the Burberry Web site.

1 comment:

Shauna_Rae said...

I DO like those! I just got some boots for my little girls on clearance at Target. My girls are LOVING them. They tromp around in them even if there is no rain.

By the Way, I will just send ya a pair of these, WITH your future husband, and WITH a huge contract for a job!!!!