Thursday, March 18, 2010

music | it's still there...

Some of you have admitted visiting my blog for not only my witty commentary, but my fabulous taste in music too.
Well, don't worry, the music is still there.
(All the way at the bottom - just hit "end" on your keyboard and it will jump you right to it)

I did some editing of some songs that weren't playing so hot and also decided to remove the auto start.
I figured on the days I need a little tuneage in life I will jump to the bottom and just hit play.
And the other days, I like peace and quiet.

(I used ProjectPlaylist for my music, in case you want a play list of your very own.)

Mom will appreciate this, I know.


And you see my new addition to the blog? On the right column.
I'm trying out BlogFrog. You should go sign up too.


Oh, and yes, I did create a new spring blog header.
Do you love it?

It's silly, I know. But hey, what is life all about if we can't enjoy it a little lot!

dream big

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