Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day | Littles | Blue hair pretty

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

No seriously...I'm really Irish...
Pucker up!

Today, in true Ireland rained.

I decided to take the littles to Goodwill.
It's been on my list and I think they enjoyed it for approximately 13.5 minutes.
At minute 14 Riah & T found a couch to rest on and Madz and I kept searching for treasures.
We found a present for Nicki. I promise to send it as soon as she sends mine.
Kidding. I'll probably send it much sooner!

After Goodwill we considered the library, but opted to feed the geese at the park.
Yes, it was still misting a bit, but we didn't mind...and neither did the geese.
When it was time for our snack we huddled in the back of the Kia and watched our little friends.
Do you see the crane? (bottom left photo)
He was beautiful and didn't move once during the time we were there.
Not even when two of the hooligan geese were making a ruckus near him.

And this little beauty is headed to a besty in Idaho who is celebrating a very special day tomorrow.
She reads the blog, but I'm not sure how often so it might make it there before she sees it.
Either way it doesn't matter...she can see it here and still love it when she receives it.

Happy Birthday Lolo, sorry your package is late.
It will be totally worth it, ..."just you wait Henry Higgins, just you wait!"

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