Thursday, February 4, 2010

key collection | $20 chair | fabric idea

Not long ago (while packing) I found some keys without a home. Or rather, keys who've lost their home and will never find them ever again. I was going to toss them out (because once you have watched even one episode of Hoarders you will toss everything that doesn't have a home!) but then the Lone Star Sister (don't you love your nickname!) suggested a key collection would look super cute in a canning jar(s). I totally agree, so today those keys found a new home:

Obviously I will need a few more keys, so when you find keys that have lost their home don't toss them out...SEND THEM TO ME! (Yes, I'm serious.)

Moving on.

Remember when I bought this chair…

It still looks the same (so pretty) because

a) I don’t know how to recover it.

b) I can’t decide on a fabric choice.

c) All that money burning a whole in my pocket.

However, I was recently blog stalking and ran across this chair…

(Sorry. No credits for where this chair was found because well...I can't remember.)

The chair is nice (hate the pillow)…but I’m not interested in the chair, I’m interested in the FABRIC! Isn’t it swell? I think I love it. It’s at the top of the choices list along with the zebra print. Although, the zebra print is slowly slipping away because it just feels too trendy. And without seeing it first, I'm just plain scared.

While at Hobby Lobby today I glanced at the upholstery fabric, but couldn’t find anything similar. I don’t want this exact fabric, but something similar to it…with all that fabulous (and I'm sure romantic) writing…yes, that’s the ticket! Be on the lookout blogily (blog + family = blogily | aren't I clever)

By the bye…tomorrow’s comings & goings involve making Valentine’s Day cookies and a special package for that man up north with Kelly & Charley. The camera is ready so expect a fun post soon.

Oh yeah…also super excited for a fun night out with Jen tomorrow. We’re going to a movie and who knows what other crazy trouble we can get into. (ha!)

Then Saturday I get to spend the day with Charley and Dad & Mom come to town that night.
I finally have something to write in my calendar! (I know…I sound pathetic, give a girl a break.)

Only 10 more days until the big day.
Have you found a lover yet?

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