Friday, February 19, 2010


For graduation my fabulous family gifted me the frame for my diploma. Because I wanted to include my honors cords in the frame, technically they gifted me money intended to frame the goods. A few weeks ago my diploma finally arrived and I took it to my favorite little frame shop in Kennesaw. After a quick review of the price options for shadow box type frame that could hold my cords with my diploma I came to the realization that I was crazy to think I could (ever) afford something like that. I was fine with just framing my diploma and the school even has diploma frames, but they were so masculine that even without the fancy shadow box, I knew I still wanted a frame that was more my style. It only took me about 45 minutes to pick the perfect frame, but I knew it would look great.

I picked it up from the frame shop this week and it looks fantastic! I am so pleased, they really did an amazing job.

Here is a close up of the frame so you can see the details. Please raise your hand if you agree...this is totally my style.

And here is the big picture:

(No, my name is not fuzzied out on the actual diploma. I did that especially for all you crazies out there that have no reason knowing my full name.)

You can't really tell, but the mat is a dark maroon. It matches the dark maroon that is part of the color scheme of KSU. And if you can tell (and you may not be able to) I picked the frame with the maroon undertones so it would all play nice. I am super thrilled about how it turned out.

Thank you family...
you rock!

Now, if we can all help Katherine find the perfect job to put all that education to good use, that would be swell.


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Jodi said...

It turned out real sharp! Congrats again. You'll have to email me your new address.