Monday, January 18, 2010

park | dog poop

I just returned from a field trip to the park with Kelly & Charley. It is such a beautiful day in Georgia today that the first park we planned on was packed. We opted for a different park down the street and there were far less interference to worry about.

See where she's sitting? It's a little bench and on the right side, sort of a pick up window.
Super cute little play place.

This one caught all of us off guard, we didn't realize it was a faster slide.
Love CM's expression...classic!

Mom wanted to swing too...glad I had my camera to capture this one...

Charley had a great time; at least until about the time we were heading out and Kelly’s sure she (CM) ate some dog poop. Gross. No worries, we washed it down with some ice cream from Sonic.

Thanks for inviting me to the park Charley & Kelly.


The Sixth Sister said...

Cute Pics! You were NOT supposed to tell everyone we ruined our dinner with ice cream at 4:30 in the afternoon!! bad aunt Kathy. Come to think of it, Justin had to force feed Charley that night...I wonder why?

Anne said...

dog poop? I'm throwing up. she did not eat dog poop. people don't do that.