Monday, January 18, 2010

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Tonight I went on the hunt for more boxes. I think I am using so many boxes this move because I've been packing in liquor store boxes and they are pretty small. The big cake pans and other large items just don’t fit very well in boxes that size and well hey, those are pretty darned important pans.

I stopped and got a few pretty good boxes at Kroger, but was kindly directed to come during the day, as that is when most of the groceries get restocked. Interesting fact for those desiring to put everything they own in cardboard any time soon, or make yourself a cozy little place to rest your head.

So off to Wal*Mart, I needed milk and cereal anyway (yes Kelly…I caved. Without cereal this week I will starve.) So I am sitting in the parking lot talking to the Mom (hi mom) and I notice this man get out of his vehicle. He was parked kitty corner to my right on the row facing my car. I only noticed him because he was smoking and I could see his cigarette smoke (yuck!). After finishing my chat with Mom I head in to get the unnecessaries and hopefully a few large boxes.

Boxes were a bust: I was about an hour early I figured since they were still hauling items in from the back. I meandered around and found one guy bringing a huge load of empties back to the back, but they were the non-collapsible kind, so I could only get four of those. No worries, I still had a few things to look for and I would check back around the store for more. Now, through this entire 35 minutes I had been in the store thus far the cigarette smoking guy from the parking lot met me on nearly every aisle I was on. Watching me very intently. Eye contact and everything!

Creepy! So I got down to the point where the only other thing I needed was milk and I still needed more boxes so I went to check out some other items. Fast forward about 20 minutes and I returned to grocery to retrieve my milk and a few mediocre boxes from frozen foods and head to the only open register.

(Where, I might ad, the woman working the register did not say one single word to me. Not. One. I was cordial, smiled, handed her my recycle bag and she just looked at me like I was asking her to delivery my milk, cereal, candy (for the movers) and Twizzlers (for me!) to my apartment. Ridiculous!)

Back to my story: as I was being checked out by Happy Henrietta I felt like I was being “checked out” by someone else too. I turned to my left and weird cigarette smoking stalker man was slowly walking my direction – exiting the store, watching me, just like he did when he was conveniently on the same aisles I was on. Happy Henrietta took her time to poorly pack my recycle bag and about 5 minutes later I exited the store. I figured he was gone, but the Dad (hi Dad) always taught me to be cautious so I was aware of everyone around me.

I loaded my boxes in the back and stuck my groceries behind my seat and jumped in. I turned the car on and locked the doors just like I always do and then I noticed there was a box (a good box!) sitting two empty parking spots over on the ground and I was thinking “SCORE!” I looked up to the car kiddy corner from me and he was there…WEIRD CIGARETTE SMOKING STALKER MAN. He was just sitting there smoking, watching me. I don't need more boxes that badly!

I quickly backed out of my spot and meandered around to the side and then the back of the store. I turned to the back before any other vehicles had a chance to pull up behind me, although I knew he pulled out after I did because I was watching him. I slowed behind Wal*Mart to see if he noticed that I turned, but he just went straight. I circled the store again and when I felt confident he did not know where I was I headed toward a different exit and here I am safe at home. Oh, and I went by that box on the way out…I didn’t even have to slow my vehicle to see it had a huge whole in the side. Not such a great box (that almost got me killed!) after all.

Sure, stalkers can be a great thing to keep around when you want them there, but Nicki reminded me…those aren’t stalkers…they are BOYFRIENDS. Check.

On a happy note. I was going through a basket of this & that on the shelf, deciding what to toss or what to keep and look who I found:

Happy Gum Ball Machine Guy!

Kelly gave me that friendly little gum ball machine ages ago. Technically tonight he is a Dark Chocolate M&M Machine, but sitting amongst the cardboard, he is sure a welcomed and cheerful site. They are, of course, for anyone, who out of the goodness of their heart, comes to help me pack/move/do the dishes.

And of course, for any of the littles.

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The Sixth Sister said...

So that was what was different...they were dark chocolate m&m' wonder I only had 1 hand full.