Sunday, January 17, 2010

new closet | repairs

Well, I’m still alive. I made it to Sunday and although I was starting to feel better yesterday, today I’m sort of still being haunted by the Insomnia Fairy and promises of wellness from that MD. Too bad an antibiotic isn’t an instant feel good pill.

Aside from feeling like poo I have had a number of things that need to get finished so I can move this coming weekend. John helped me with the “closet” for my new space…he did a rock’n job and didn’t even mind being photographed for the blog. He even posed for a few “action shots”!

"Studs aren't hollow, we have feelings you know?" said John.

Looking good...

Looking at what exactly?

Action shot!

A special request...a shorter rack for a few more short clothes.
I hope everything fits, this might be a tight squeeze!

All we just need my clothes to walk themselves over and hang themselves up.
Oh, and the reason for the short board is that it was in the cull bin at HD and only $0.51.
I figured I could make due with that rather than pay another $15 for one that was the correct size.

I bought a few inexpensive rugs from Wal*Mart and although it takes care of one side of the room, it leaves a large space on the other side of the room still bare concrete. The rug sizes are a little wonkie for what I need so I need to figure out what to do there.

I think my big red chair will fit perfectly in that left corner. Then The Bed takes up the other half of the room. Good thing this is only temporary, otherwise I would wonder where the rest of my things will land. For now cardboard boxes are just fine.

Next on the To Do list...repairs at the apartment. I took down the Lack shelves (that were such a challenge to put up in the first place) and found the six or seven large wholes I feared were still hiding behind them. I ventured to Home Depot for the necessary repair items and the nicest guy (Craig) helped me get everything on my list. I have some patches and puddy and with any luck they should be a breeze to tackle. We shall see.

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Nicole said...

girl, you should stain the concrete!! I love that look!