Tuesday, January 26, 2010

moving | studio | almost

This is what my apartment looks like crammed into a 14’ Uhal truck.

No, it didn’t fit.
Yes, I needed a bigger truck.

Thank goodness for gracious family & friends that where able to put my crap in their vehicles and drive over to the new place.

I’m all settled in the new "studio" in Dallas.

Everything is in boxes and will stay that way for a while, at least until I can get a job and find a new place.

The house is super huge & super empty without the littles around. I swear to you Sunday afternoon I heard someone say my name! Clear as day..."Katherine".

The Internet is on the fritz there right now at Sarah's so I'm venturing to other homes to mooch.

So as much as I want to say "I'm Back!"...I'm not really.

Soon...very soon.
Right now, doing all I can to land that job!

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