Monday, December 28, 2009

year in photos...jan & feb

January came in with a bang...I think. Of course, it's been a year, so really, I can't remember.

Hanging with the girls happened all year, but had to share this cutest picture of Jenna from January.
She is so little in this picture!

Dialog in the Dark with Jessa & Susan, for Susan's birthday. It was amaz-ING!
I am still just wowed and so grateful for the gift of sight.

Thomas family photo shoot. Love those kiddies like they are my own.

And we can't forget Waffle House with my girls. It's always the last place we visit before they return to the west.
Alec came with us this night, but he is playing the role of our photographer in this shot. Miss you girls so much!

And last but not least, Kelly & Charley photo shoot. This was a surprise for Justin for Valentine’s Day (i think).
All the pictures turned out so cute, now she is getting so big.

So what else happened in January:

school (snore)
Anne had a birthday (yeah...celebrate!)

and February:

school (snore)
John had a birthday (still eating cookies?)
Valentine's Day (hate it)

um...and I guess that's all.

Check back soon for March & April.

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