Thursday, December 24, 2009

Update on rolls:

Left to rise while I was at J&J’s for Christmas Eve (will post on this fabulous evening later) and upon arriving home found they had not risen near enough for my satisfaction.

Turned oven on to warm and placed rolls inside. Turned oven off, since I just wanted it warm. Still nothing. Finally decided to go ahead and bake them.

8 minutes later realized I had left some of the rolls on the bottom rack. Took them out just in time to set the smoke alarm off. Humiliating.

2 minutes later…started new batch. I have enough yeast in the house to have one more failed attempt, but this may be the moment I decide I was not meant to be in the kitchen.

How can I have such amazing cakes and then disaster after disaster after disaster after…oh bother.

No. There are no photos.
Did you really expect them?
What do you want me to do?
Take a picture of the trash.
Because yes, that is where the rolls ended up.

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