Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wal*Mart & ethics

I could complain about a lot of things, as a matter of fact, I should complain less...much less. I have such a great life, I struggle [who doesn't?] but I always seems to make my way through the loads of crap in my way. Sure, sometimes I am the reason there is crap in my way, but not always.

For the past two plus years I have sat in classes with professors trying to be creative and spark some sort of intelligent conversation from students who would rather be somewhere else. Anywhere else. Some professors actually succeed and students are intrigued and stimulated and the hour and 15 minutes [or 2 hours and 45 minutes if you are so unlucky] pass by in a blink.

But then there are the times, you know them, when you would rather be cleaning the toilets in the boys locker rooms than be in that class. I had one of THOSE classes the other day with my most irritating professor. We were talking about ethics. Let me be frank, we have talked about ethics for two solid weeks now because this man [the professor] can't manage to come to class prepared to talk about anything other than sports or his family. This means that completing a topic in the course/syllabus takes five times longer than it normally would have.

The first time he asked for examples of ethics in the workplace students in my class talked about when they worked at a pizza place and the boss was doing drugs in the back of the store. One student gave an example of showing up late for work and I thought I was going to die right there in that class. Of all the examples of unethical behavior in the world today, that is all we can come up with? Bother.

So Professor Unprepared brought up Wal*Mart. I would rather talk about drugs in the back room of the pizza joint than Wal*Mart. Do you know why? Because no one ever has anything intelligent to say, gaffs at the means they achieve such low prices, and gives endless reasons that they think the place should be shut down.

Fast forward a few hours and there they are, strolling the aisles with a blue buggy, Great Value products loaded high and happy as a clam. So no, I am not interested in talking about Wal*Mart again!

Pick a new topic, this one has been beaten to death and none of you, not even Professor Unprepared, know what is going on in the Wal-World.


Chrissy said...

This honest to goodness made me laugh out loud, "I would rather talk about drugs in the back room of the pizza joint than Wal*Mart."

Thank you for that!!

MC said...

The whole WalMart thing does get old. I have worked with them as a vendor, and they are difficult. As with most things, WalMart has its good points and bad. Most WalMart bashers just don't want to admit that.