Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Using their powers for good...

You know, lately I have not been feeling so great. I know it mostly has to do with not having a job, being stuck in this apartment (because leaving this apartment costs money, ya know!) and let's not forget I am 2 weeks from the end of my SECOND TO LAST semester (things always get so freaking nuts at the end of a semester and summer is the worst).

And not to mention the campaign I am working on for my ad class is on suicide prevention. Let me tell you, if you were not already depressed when you went looking for help, you will be by the time you read all the statistics.
Did you know that suicide is the #2 cause of death among college students?
(#1: car accidents)
Did you also know that 1 in 10 college students has contemplated suicide?
Did you also know that 75% of students would turn to their FRIENDS if they were struggling?
Compare that to only 63% turning to FAMILY.

I'm not suicidal, don't worry, but now I know an awful lot about it.

I figured I would ad to the gloom and get my emissions and tags taken care of today. In Georgia it's due on your birthday...usually making for a really depressing birthday month giving all that money away. The silver lining this year is that the county just opened a new tag office only just a few minutes away from my apartment. As much as I like standing in line down at the age another year while you wait in line tag office, I figured I would try this office on for size.

First things first, emissions. There is an emissions shack right down the street and since they are all $20 I decided this one would get my business. And I am so glad I did too.

The older man working there had me pull in, hooked up the Kia to life support and ran the tests. About half-way through he turned to me and said "now...how 'bout a cold drink? They're free and I've got orange, grape, lemon..."
Me, completely taken off guard "oh, well that's nice of you, but I just finished a drink. Thank you though." Which was completely true!
We hemmed and hawed about the weather...it was unusually cool because it had just rained. Next thing I knew he was finished, the Kia had passed with flying colors (and thank goodness...that darned check engine light has been giving me attitude recently) and I was pulling slowly out of the shack. He stopped me as my window passed him and asked, "pink, yellow, orange, or purple?" I immediately said "orange" to which he laughed and said "you didn't even ask what it was." I just shrugged my shoulders and he handed me this little guy:

he said "he's your new mascot...he'll take good care of you."

It was so sweet. I know he had a box full somewhere, but that's not the point, now is it?! I was almost reluctant to leave, but I doubt he wanted me hanging around buggin him all day and I had tags to get and a suicide prevention campaign strategy sheet to write!

After running home to get my tag renewal that came in the mail, I ended up at the new tag office around 1 p.m. There were a few cars in the parking lot, so I wasn't sure if I would have to wait. When I walked through the door it was the usual high bar counter type booths with women behind them. Right in front was a little stand with this "take a number" type machine. So I punched the button and got #75.

Literally the moment I read #75 on the ticket I heard "Number seventy-five" being said from the middle booth. I looked up a little shocked - just a little though, there was only one other woman there and she was on her way out. I walked to the counter and said to the woman "that was fast" and in the most joyful New York accent she said "Sorry about that wait ma'am, we've been awfully busy." It was hysterical, we had a nice little chuckle over it and then she was on to the business of taking my money and printing my 2010 sticker for my tag.

As I walked out I noticed a yellow mascot sitting on the counter next to my NY gal.

Now that is what I call using your powers for GOOD!

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Nicole said...

So sweet!1 I am glad that guy was there to give you a cute little orange squishy man!!! ;) I couldn't have given you a better gift my self!! ;) I love ya!