Sunday, June 14, 2009


My sister Nicki has her own company of spinning fiber, hand spun yarn and fiber tools. She has an Etsy shop HERE. With some really great stuff.

She is part of this Phat Fiber sample box club and although I don't claim to understand how all of it works, it seems really cool. Fiber-junkies contribute samples of their stuff to this box and...well, that's about all I get. I know someone either buys the sample boxes or they receive them because they are part of this group.'s this months sample box contents:


The Sixth Sister said...

to bad she mispronounced her name! ha.

Landlocked Shores said...

Ha! I know... I need to send a little message to her and let her know its NIK (as in Nicki) OH (as in oh my!) and BEE (as in BUZZ).
Thanks for the blog feature.
I am now part of the North Dallas Etsy Team. Check us out at Keep in mind this is brand new and the blog is naked right now!
Loves - Nicki

MonikaC said...

Her fibers are brilliant! I can't wait to order some!