Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two-fur Tuesday

TOday is day TWO of the Maymester TOrTUre.  Getting up at the crack of dawn after not sleeping the night before is really hard.  Even worse, sitting through 4.5 hours of film studies in a dark auditorium with a professor that is a long pauser ::

Thank goodness the film clips are pretty short.  Except one today that was almost half an hour!  Oh sure, not that big a deal in a film you are actually enjoying!  I won't share the long one, but in my effort to bring a little culture to the blogsphere and share Maymester here is a short we watched today:

Don't watch the entire thing...it's that Geneva Convention thing again.

On a happy note, look at these super cute little snack boxes of raisins I found at Publix:

So cute...right?!  I've started eating oatmeal for breakfast and today I snuck a box of these little guys in my warm mush for good measure.  I was still starving half way through Leadership Com, but luckily I had another mini box of raisins in my bag.  

Oh, and check that ghetto ruler I stole from Nicki...ha.  At least she didn't carve her name into Mom's piano!


Ashley W. said...

Do you have Dr. Aust for your film class?? I had him and your description of the class and professor sounds VERY familiar!!

Good luck!! You tell that Maymester what's up :)

Landlocked Shores said...

I was wondering where my ruler went! No, I did not carve my initials in moms piano but I know who did! ...whose initials did I carve in the ruler where is says "I Heart BLANK"??