Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Besties...

When I was little my best friend was Donny.  I'm not sure when I received him, I assume it was for a birthday, but I can't recall.  Mom made him for me from scrap fabric, pretty sure it was all polyester.  He had snaps all over his body and you could fold him around like a pretzel...which I did on many occasions.  

He looked something like this:

...except a lot less like a monkey.

I'm not sure he was my first ever BFF because Charissa and I pretty much knew each other from birth, but Donny was there through it all.  I remember how well he soaked up my tears and I even remember a few times that I took out my aggression on him and he held up so well.

Then one day, during a garage sale in Bartlesville, I was convinced he needed to go.  I suppose I figured I was too old for him then and didn't know how sad I would be later.  I think I might have to post missing posters now.

If I recall...that was also the same garage sale that I was told I had to get rid of my old robe that I snagged from Dad.  That was SUCH a great robe.  I digress.

The point of this ranting is the commencement of a new blog series called "My Besties".  Since Donny, I have been blessed with an enormous collection of friends.  And since this is "my blogsphere", "Katherine's life on line", "my ramblings"...I decided I wanted to blog about my besties.  I think this series will happen on Sundays, since that is what today is, but you never know...I might throw in a curve ball and post one on a weekday...whoa!, living on the edge there.

Enjoy, and don't fret...I'll get to you ;)

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