Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm taking two May-mester classes that started today.  One is Leadership Communication (exactly what you would expect) and Subversive Sinema (a film studies course).  

I don't want anyone feeling left out so I thought I would share one of the films that we watched in class today:

I friggin annoying...right!  I wanted to scratch my eyeballs out.  

We also watched Anemic Cinema.  You'll love this one:

No, you don't like this one either?  Me either.  You are lucky, the first time we watched it we didn't get music.  Believe me, music makes this so much less painful.  Do you get it?  Anemic's almost an anadrome (a word which spells a different word when reversed).  Which is actually supposed to make this film make sense.  Technically it's an optical illusion.  The creator used a turn table with a flat image to create all the spiral spinning.  The text in French are advertisements, I understand.

We saw a few other films, but I think the Geneva Convention had some special wording about torture and I don't want to get taken away this close to graduation.

Yes, I do realize it's still a few months off, but a girl has to have goals.

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