Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Dance

I am doing the happy dance ::

That's because I took my last exam of the semester & petitioned to graduate today.  Basically I have to ask permission from the Registrar, they have to look over my course work and say "yeah" or "nay".  It will be about 2 weeks until I hear anything and technically I won't actually graduate until December, but hallelujah!

As for this semester, the jury's still out...which means I am waiting for grades.  I never thought I would have to retake a class, but this semester might prove that thought wrong.  We shall see...hopefully my professors will have pity on me!


Jodi said...

Janet had her baby yesterday. A boy, Xander...just over 5 lbs.

Nicole said...

YOu are totally going to pass your worries and CONGRATS on Graduating (in December)!!!

Martha H. said...

Yeah for you!!! Congrats on graduating soon. It's such a fabulous feeling.