Friday, May 22, 2009

Do you Hulu?

Today is the last day of Maymester classes.  I have loathed attending my subversive cinema class.  Each day I leave with a headache on the verge of a migraine and most days the content of the films are questionable at best.

Today (the worst content day thus far) was so dreadful that I actually watched episodes of The Office on Hulu.  The only thing that I struggled with was turning the volume up high enough on my laptop to NOT hear the movie on the big screen.  I failed.  

My friend Aimee (in the class with me) & I are contemplating leaving, but we have already been threatened with failure of the class if we leave early again.  Can he do that if we are leaving out of protest for inappropriate content in the film choices.  Ugh.

When the battery on my laptop has died I have a backup magazine in my backpack.  Pathetic.

I can't even express appropriately how much drama this guy brings.  His comparisons and vulgarity...I'm over it and he is lucky that today is the last day, otherwise I might actually take further action.  Wow, that sounded...dramatic.  

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